A unique interpretation of Giger's work - essential reading for psychology buffs, visionary art lovers, and admirers of the classic filmAlien.

This hardcover collector's edition is a stunning compilation of paintings from the late surrealist artist H R Giger, brought together for the first time alongside a revealing essay by transpersonal psychologist and pioneer in consciousness research, Dr. Stanislav Grof. Never before has such a comprehensive display of Giger's work been made available with the psychoanalytic toolkit for interpreting the often claustrophobic and nightmarish images and grasping their profound social and psychological relevance.

"I had always admired H R Giger deeply, not only as an artistic genius, but also as a visionary with an uncanny ability to depict the deep, dark recesses of the human psyche revealed by modern consciousness research." Stanislav Grof

H R Giger's lifelong struggle with haunting biomechanoid visions takes on new meaning once seen through the lens of Dr. Grof's revolutionary theory of 'Basic Perinatal Matricies.' By understanding the essential characteristics of the four stages of imprinting from birth trauma and their effects on the human psyche as mapped out by Grof, the reader discovers a remarkable synergy bridging the innermost traces of our being with outward social relevance.

With a foreword by art historian Claudia M�ller-Ebeling, H R Giger and the Zeitgeist of the Twentieth Century contains rare images of Giger's early work, reflecting his personal journey through art.

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